Our range of quality digital components is designed to integrate with our precision weighing equipment and enhance both its usability and accuracy.

They utilise the very latest microprocessor technology and offer a range of options including:
  • The latest technology digital scale indicators and support software 
  • Remote displays with smart networkable options 
  • A range of special function indicators with process-control software options 
  • Intrinsically safe certified scale components used to build hazardous area systems 
  • Lightning and surge protection devices for your new and existing weighing systems and scales 
  • A huge range of load cells from small to very large capacities, with mounting options and other accessories to build customer systems or fit load cell to machinery

WMS  i 40 EDU
The i 40 EDU ( Elementary dosing unit ) is an industrial weight indicator specially designed for basic batching processes. It can be operated in stand-alone mode or monitored by a supervisor.
In this latter case, it offers numerous connection possibilities with most PLCs and industrial PCs currently on the market.
With various types of housing, it can be installed directly in the work environment, in a cabinet or in a monitoring console.

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WMS i40 BS
The i40 BS weight indicator is designed to measure the flow rates of any bulk product, without capacity limit. It integrates a weight measuring card and an acquisition card of the belt or screw conveyor speed.
 Different housing versions allow installing the indicator on a table top, a panel mounting or a DIN rail mounting.

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WMS i35
For incoming and outgoing material on the weighbridge, the i35 indicator, equipped with a simple, user-friendly and efficient application software, can meet any totally autonomous weighing application.

Equipped with a ticket printer (sold separately), it is also able to communicate with the industrial PCs on the market and remote weight displays through multiple connections in accordance with the legal metrology aspects.

Economical and innovative, it controls two weighbridge incoming and outgoing traffic lights locally. In addition, it is equipped with an ingenious weighing locking system prohibiting the weighbridge’s use outside working hours.

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WMS i30
With selectable interface between the measurement chain and the management system, the i30 indicator has multiple connections to the industrial PCs on the market and remote weight displays, in accordance with the legal metrology aspects.

Its power allows it to supply up to 18 PRECIA MOLEN product line analog or digital load cells, thus allowing it to manage very long bridges.

With the 300,000 records on Data Storage Device (DSD) as standard equipment, it controls two weighbridge incoming and outgoing traffic lights locally. The i30 indicator is the ideal tool for a decentralized weighing system in constant communication with the PCS-LAN application (optional), or any other client’s application

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WMS i20
The i20 has the following distinctive features:
  • Design and styling for industrial use (robustness, high IP rating and easy to clean).
  • Ease of use.
  • For connection to one or more load cells. Available in tabletop, wall, column or panel mounting versions.
  • High quality construction in Grade 304L stainless steel.
  • Latest technology including FSC (Field Sequential Colour) – LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and non-polluting high capacity batter LiFePO4.

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WMS i40
Weight indicator i 40 is particularly adapted to process weighing as it easily fits into any industrial process that implies with measurement.

The various connection possibilities offer a direct link with the i 40 for most PLC and industrial market PCs.
With different types of housing, the indicator can be installed directly into the work environment, into a cabinet or a monitoring termina

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