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The humble wooden pallet is an object that many people see each day, but few truly consider its importance. Industries around the world use tens of millions of pallets each day to package, ship, or store everything from packaged foods to industrial equipment. Pallets provide us with an easy way to transport goods as well as an easy way to set aside a particular quantity or weight. However, every pallet comes with a weight rating that cannot be exceeded without causing safety problems. Consequently, there is a two-pronged need for an accurate and dependable industrial scales in Brisbane: safety and product accuracy.

At Weigh-More Solutions, we are a leader in the Australian industrial measurement arena. With nearly 30 years of experience and a proven record of accuracy and reliability, our product range is sure to include the ideal pallet scale for your Brisbane business. Whether you must measure a large volume of product daily or you simply need to equip employees on the warehouse floor to check loading capacities, there is a scale to suit the job. We take pride in connecting clients with the correct solutions, and our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you find the perfect product. Consider: what type of pallet scale will work best in your situation?

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In an industrial warehouse where goods flow through constantly, and frequent logging of weights occurs, your business will need equipment that can stand up to the punishment of having heavy objects on- and off-loaded hundreds or thousands of times a day. In these cases, a set of heavy duty platform scales for your Brisbane location will work best. Though not portable like truck scales, the platform provides plenty of space and a large weighable area making it ideal for both full-size pallets and smaller objects as well.

In areas where forklifts cannot operate, weighing beams work instead; in this setup, a pallet truck is wheeled between the beams and the pallet allowed to come to rest on the weighing surface. Speaking of truck scales, Weigh-More also provides convenient pallet trucks equipped with built-in scales and overload alarms simplifying the process by combining two steps into one. The added safety features ensure proper operation on the warehouse floor.

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Whether your site requires platform or truck scales in Brisbane, Weigh-More has the solution to satisfy the job's requirements. Additionally, we can provide many other types of scales, including weighbridges. Our advanced team can also provide support for your products, including calibration and repair services. Overall, we truly hope to be "A Solution in Every Weigh" for your business. To explore your options and discuss the type of industrial scale that will pair best with your company, please contact us today. Reach us by phone on 1300 366 131 or visit our contact page here to submit an online enquiry.

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