AWS Ezy-Weigh Program

Comprehensive weighbridge & weighing system management solution for any industry.

NMI Approved: S627

Administer the weighbridge business from the central office. Control your work flows and data exchanges, but still maintain awareness of the weighing systems connected in your network

Weigh-More Solutions are proud to showcase our market leading weighing
transactional management software suite. Simultaneous licensing allows the program to be configured as manned or unmanned, & connect your weighing equipment to the managers and administration with no loss of system performance. The EZYWeigh family of products comes with the flexibility to meet the compliance, operational needs of modern businesses. 

EZYWeigh provides three (3) tables for vehicle & also container/skip bin and pallet records. The tables provide fields to store information like registration, electronic ID, tare, fleet number, maximum GVM gross vehicle mass, tare validity, truck configuration, insurance details etc…. 
Create Links to other database tables within the data editors transaction become very fast to process
Set permission for what function the operator may have in an unmanned weighing transaction, limit human error
This same design theme carries throughout the AWS software range enabling the software at transaction time to process vehicles and loads fast, and limiting human error.

  • Fast event driven operation, the screen comes to life and prompts the operator when a vehicle arrives.
  • Over 120 STD reports, criteria settings available to drill down on data required, all report export, print as pdf, MS Excel, html, print preview standard
  • Multi-site installation supported, data exchange back to central office via replication to remote server database
  • Configurable hot key function, turn on which load types are available for the operator to process
  • Configurable button bar, quick access to regular function & database tables
  • Payments accepted by Cash, EFTPOS, Credit Card, Cheque & Account
  • Add transaction notes, order numbers, information about the load, this texted can be printed on weighbridge tickets
  • Onscreen QWERTY virtual keyboard for touch screen operation 
  • Customize onscreen data table names to suit your business terminology
  • Reprint dockets, edit dockets, email dockets to clients in real time
  • Transact your way any selection sequence available through the Simple User Interface

Use EZYWeigh debtors accounting engine to produce your customer invoices and maintain credit control at transaction time
Connect all your unmanned weighing systems via the Central Control Software
Transactions will be replicated to the Central Server automatically no time consuming data entry or file transfers
**Produce your EPA Waste Returns in one simple report wizard

  • Monitor Max Vehicle Loads & Risk Manage your Transport
  • Charge Cartage fees for deliveries, store costs and charged 
  • Set customer & product groups link to trucks & containers

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