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Weigh-More Solutions are a leading Australian provider for Weighbridge & Weighing Solutions in Brisbane. We work with our customers to understand their specific needs, utilising our engineering expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and innovative weighing solutions to deliver the most suitable options for our clients.

In Brisbane, Weigh-More Solutions is synonymous with cutting-edge industrial weighing technology. Our range of scales, designed for accuracy and durability, caters to various industrial requirements. From retail scales to heavy-duty truck scales in Brisbane, our clients rely on us for quality equipment that stands the test of time.

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Services We Offer

Weigh More Solutions Weighbridge

Weighbridge Brisbane

Enhance your industrial operations with Weigh-More weighbridges in Brisbane. Engineered for unmatched precision and durability and ideal for various applications, these weighbridges in Brisbane ensure consistent and reliable performance.

Specialised Weighing Solution Brisbane

Optimise your weighing needs in Brisbane with Weigh-More’s Specialised Weighing Solutions. Designed for precision and adaptability, these systems cater to specific industrial requirements.

Weigh More Solutions Software

Weighing Software Brisbane

Streamline your weighing processes with Weigh-More Solutions’ advanced Weighing Software, a perfect tool for businesses in Brisbane seeking efficiency and accuracy with seamless integration.

Scales Brisbane

Explore Weigh-More Solutions’ extensive range of scales in Brisbane and accessories, meticulously designed to cater to diverse industrial requirements. These scales are the ideal choice for Brisbane businesses seeking efficiency and precision.

Industrial Automation Brisbane

Groov EPIC, offered by Weigh-More Solutions Brisbane, is a user-friendly tool that simplifies complex industrial processes to make industrial operations smoother and more efficient.

Weighbridge Service Brisbane

Experience reliable and expert weighbridge servicing in Brisbane with Weigh-More Solutions, ensuring your weighing systems operate with precision and efficiency.

Why We Service Brisbane

Weigh More Solutions, renowned for Weighbridge and Industrial Weighing Solutions, is committed to providing top-notch service and value to our Brisbane clients.

Catering to Brisbane’s distinctive business requirements, we deliver customized, advanced weighing solutions. Our dedication to Brisbane’s thriving commercial sector is evident in our efficient, cutting-edge weighing systems, aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering Brisbane’s industrial and commercial development.

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More About Brisbane

Brisbane, the sun-drenched capital of Queensland, has a history as vibrant and dynamic as its landscape, echoing the innovative spirit of Weigh-More Solutions. Initially inhabited by the indigenous Turrbal and Jagera peoples, the area that is now Brisbane was established as a British penal colony in 1824. This early period set the stage for the city’s future growth, with the colony initially serving as a destination for convicts who had re-offended in New South Wales.

With the closure of the penal colony in 1839, Brisbane began to grow more rapidly. Free settlers were drawn to the area, and by the mid-19th century, Brisbane was officially declared a town. The discovery of gold in Queensland further accelerated its development. Brisbane became a bustling hub, facilitating the transport of goods and resources, and attracting a diverse population seeking new opportunities.

The turn of the 20th century marked a significant shift for Brisbane. The city embraced industrialization, and its economy diversified. Key infrastructure developments, including the construction of the Story Bridge and the University of Queensland, highlighted this era of transformation and growth. Brisbane’s role during World War II as the South West Pacific headquarters for the Allied Forces further underscored its strategic importance.

In recent decades, Brisbane has emerged as a center of innovation, culture, and technology. Hosting events like the 1982 Commonwealth Games and the 1988 World Expo, the city has showcased its ability to adapt and evolve. Today, Brisbane is celebrated for its vibrant arts scene, world-class educational institutions, and a commitment to sustainable development. This ongoing journey of growth and innovation mirrors the ethos of Weigh-More Solutions, which prides itself on delivering advanced industrial weighing solutions with a focus on progress and excellence.