Portable Kit for Vehicle Axle Weighing – Wireless Version

Your weighbridge in a suitcase

Calculates Total Weight from Axle Measurements

This leading-edge weighing kit weighs the mass at the vehicle axles and calculates the total weight from those measurements. The kit consists of two WWS series portable pads and the touch screen weighing terminal with integrated printer. This is a fully equipped wireless version that can communicate with your network seamlessly and securely. 


  • Weighing of axle of vehicle
  • Calculation of total weight of vehicle
  • Weighing with insertion of the preset tare
  • Calculation of weight difference between two weighs
  • Large vehicle database
  • Customisable screen texts
  • Print/save of axle weighs on USB (optional)

Advanced Technology

  • 2 Patented WWS Weighing Pads
  • IP 68 Protection
  • Touch screen weight indicator
  • Printer or USB Port
  • 10 hour rechargeable battery
  • Wireless remote measurement built-in