Model AXLR Portable Axle Weighbridges

Innovative vehicle weighing dual track weighbridge, easily transportable and installable thanks to the reduced height and weight. Designed and built with very high-quality materials, this represents the most efficient solution for saving time, space, and money in comparison to the classic weighbridges currently available on the market. 

  • Precise and versatile platforms, suitable for all kinds of applications; ideal for Chain of Responsibility / CoR Compliance, modern industries, farms, work yards, landfills, ports, the business can save space or change the logistical stations.
  • Extremely compact: only 160mm high. Takes up little space if installed on the road surface, reduced roadway if installed flush floor in a shallow pit.
  • Sturdy loading surface in floor plate steel.
  • Sandblasting and varnishing with bi-component epoxy coating, highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Reinforced on and off ramps, for mobile or fixed installation (optional).
  • Dust and waterproof wirings and connections, easy to connect and disconnect.
  • Connect n optional WMS Self-Serve Kiosk for placement of the system in any location no weigh hut required.
  • Connect the Kiosk to the EZYWeigh iBridge Cloud and manage data, setup vehicles, report and get email alerts from the field.
  • Modular-expandable: by adding or removing pairs of modules, the weighbridges can have these lengths: 2.4 m – 9.6 m – 14.4 m – 19.2 m – 24 m (up to 32 m by price estimate).