Smart Silo Systems

Weigh-More Solutions Can Turn Your Silo into an Intelligent Weighing System

Silo Smart is the ultimate  solution for silo weighing. Resistant, easy to install, and of high quality, it adapts to all silo weighing applications and allows for a precise and reliable weighing with remote diagnostics.


Vibration Resistant

Agitators, mixers and augers generate vibrations
that can disturb your weighing operations.
Silo Smart filtering technology eliminates noise and achieves high accuracy in all conditions.



Thanks to the load cells with IP68 protection, Silo Smart can be installed in wet, dusty environments and is also suitable for places with high temperature fluctuations.


Easy Installation

Each component is easy to install. Installation and maintenance times are significantly reduced, thus avoiding long downtimes.


Remote Diagnostics

The integrated web server makes it possible to monitor weight data in real time via the Internet, and carry out remote diagnostics and maintenance using our team of specialised technicians.

New Smart Functions

Unbalance alarm and compensation of faulty cells

Thanks to individual load cell readings, Silo Smart prevents overloads and signals any unbalance. The new load cell compensation function allows weighing even when a load cell is not working.