Portable Weighbridge kit for Vehicles and Trucks with up to 8 axles. Wireless & Touch Screen

Your “Weighbridge in a suitcase”

Portable Weighbridge Calculates Total Weight from Axle Measurements

This leading-edge  weighing kit  weighs the entire vehicle and calculates the weight of the axles. Up to 16 WWS series portable platforms and touch screen weighing terminal with integrated printer. Wireless version for remote operation on any 801.11 compatible network.

Huge Benefits

  • The most cost-effective weighbridge solution
  • Assemble a weighing station for up to 8 axle vehicles in a few minutes
  • Does not require masonry work
  • Easily transportable

Portable Weighbridge Functions

  • Complete weighing of a vehicle.
  • Calculation of the total weight of the vehicle.
  • Weighing with insertion of the preset tare.
  • Calculation of the weight difference between two weighs
  • Large vehicle database
  • Screen texts can be customized
  • Printing and saving of our axle weighs on USB (optional)

Portable Weighbridge Advanced Technology

  • The vehicle weighing kit is composed of the WWS weighing pads
  • The loading surface is made of a special high-strength aluminum alloy, designed to be strong and light.
  • IP68 protection against water and dust guarantees long life of the pads
  • Printer or USB Port
  • 10 hour rechartgable Battery
  • Wireless remote measurement built in
  • Easy to move and position, thanks to the integrated wheels.
  • The touch screen weight indicator allows the entry of master data.
  • Integrated printer or USB communication port
  • Rechargeable battery with 10 operating hours