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HT-CL Series Compact Packing Scales

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With escalating costs, and downward pressure on product prices, it’s vital to seek simple ways to increase productivity. In the fresh fruit & vegetable sector, many companies rely on manual packing processes, often utilising casual labour to pack into punnets/boxes/bags ready for supermarket consumers. Labour is typically the biggest cost to a business, but there is another that can go unmeasured – the cost of extra produce given away in overfilled packs. This can add up to thousands of dollars per week and some local packing sheds are reducing this “giveaway” with one simple change – utilising traffic light signals on their packing scales rather than staff focusing on the numeric weight display. This HT-CL scale is ideal for efficient packing! Introducing our latest compact unit. Highly-visible, multi-coloured LED comparator lights make packing small fruits, vegetables, etc., within their designated limits much faster and more accurate than a numeric display alone!

  • Highly-visible, multi-coloured LED lights for quick and unmistakable comparator judgements
  • 500g, 3000g and 5000g capacities available in Australia
  • Negative values allowed for comparator limits for checking weights that are taken out from (instead of added to) a container*1
  • Operation with either four AA batteries or the provided AC adapter
  • Large LCD display with 13.5-mm high characters
  • Auto power off function to avoid wasting power
  • Multiple weighing units: g, oz, ozt, lb-oz, dwt, ct, tael (HK general/HK jewelry/Taiwan), tola, and N*2
  • Security slot in the rear of the scale to accommodate an anti-theft lock
  • Key lock function to prevent operators from making changes to the scale settings
  • Comes in a stackable carrying case as standard to save space when stored
  • Includes three colour bars (red, green and orange) for sorting the scales depending on the purpose, owner, point of use, etc.


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