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WMS HDG – PTS Hot Dipped Galvanized Platform Scale

SKU: M501-1-1-1 Category:

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Introducing our new hot dipped galvanized platform scale – WMS HGD-PTS Platform scales otherwise known as floor scales, have proven to be an imperative asset in the majority of industry operations. They drastically decrease any possibility of errors occurring when it comes to weight calculations and verifications, they assist in regulatory compliance, and they improve workflow.

Our hot dipped galvanized platform scale is designed with durability in mind. Manufactured to withstand heavy uses, harsh weather conditions and corrosive environments. With an ergonomic low-profile design and increasing functionality this scale can be implemented in a vast range of weighing applications including: weighing trolleys, pallets, skip bins, construction waste, chemicals and agricultural products just to name a few.
Configured with a weighing capacity of 3000kg, a platform measuring 1200mm x 1200mm covered in 6mm galvanized anti-slip checkered plate, 1 Ton load cells housed in a weatherproof casing and insolated cable.

This model can be paired with your choice of indicator (WMS-DFWL or WMS-DFW100) depending on your requirements and environment.
The WMS-DFW100 is a heavy-duty indicator with a IP68 stainless steel case resistant to harsh environments and weather conditions. It offers a 40mm backlit LCD display, RS232 output, 5-key function waterproof keypad and many more. Whereas the WMS-DFWL is a medium duty indicator with a IP54 case and 25mm backlit LCD display making it ideal for less intense applications.


  • Hot Dipped Galvanized body
  • 6mm Anti-Skid Checker Plate
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Rubber feet
  • 1 Ton Load Cells Housed in Protected casing
  • Low Profile designs
  • 1.2m x 1.2m floor size
  • Weighing up to 3Ton

Shipping Weight: 35kg Dims: 150 x 120 x 10 cm


  • Product and Pallet Weighing
  • Produce Weighing
  • Weighing of Skip Bins
  • Weighing of Construction waste
  • Chemical Weighing
  • SOLAS weighing.

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