Steel Deck Weighbridge

Model AWS106-s / AWS109 Steel Weighbridges 

Weigh-More Solutions specializes in Australian-designed Modular Steel weighbridges that conform to Australian Standards. Our weighbridge range is approved by the National Measurement Institute (NMI) (NMI No: 6/10B/69) and incorporates high-quality Digital Technology components.

The Weigh-More Solutions AWS106-s Modular Steel Weighbridges feature epoxy painted or galvanized U-beams, a heavy load cell bulkhead structure, and 10 mm floor plate decks. These components facilitate easy transportation, unloading, and on-site assembly, preparing the weighbridge for Digital Electronics commissioning.

Designed to M1600 standards and referencing the Latest Australian Standard for Bridges AS/NZS 5100.- 2017, the Weigh-More Solutions AWS106-s/108-s offer durability and engineering certification by experienced designers and engineers. Notable design features include additional gusset supports and 20 mm steel plate load cell mounting points, enhancing structural integrity.

The Weigh-More Solutions AWS106-s Surface weighbridge is typically installed above ground with the deck positioned 400 mm above surrounding road levels. It features sloping ramps at each end and guide rails for accessibility and safety.

AWS106-s 2 X 10 m Single Deck Surface Weighbridge

The Weigh-More Solutions AWS109 Pit weighbridge is designed for pit installation, making it suitable for sites with limited space. It offers access through removable plates for maintenance and cleaning and can be constructed with or without curbs.

Our pit weighbridge range accommodates lengths from 4m to 50m and beyond by adding weighbridge modules. It is configurable for axle and gross weighing, catering to diverse application requirements.

AWS109 10 m Twin-Platform Pit Weighbridge

For space-constrained sites, the Semi-Inground installation option allows the deck to align with existing road levels, facilitating end-to-end weighing and axle group weight capture with EZYWeigh Software.

AW-109 6m Pit Weighbridge

Custom solutions can be developed to meet unique requirements, leveraging expertise in design, engineering, and construction. These solutions, combined with EZYWeigh Software, are suitable for council, landfill, waste management, and recycling industries.