Frequently Asked Questions


The questions to ask when buying a weighbridge:

It is common with the availability of powerful software and automation control supplied with the weighbridge to allow vehicles to transact using controlled procedures UNMANNED. If the staff savings interests you please enquire about our range of ESCALE Windows Touch Terminals.

Do you need one (1) weighbridge to share movements IN & OUT of the site? OR do you need a weighbridge for inbound and a weighbridge for outbound transport movements?

Do you have office facilities within 6 metres of the weighbridge location? If not alternative installation arrangements and devices can be provided to make sure your system is compliant to OFT regulations.

Is the company you are enquiring with a weighbridge manufacturer? OR a reseller? It is our opinion it is best to deal direct where you will get the best pricing and are less likely to encounter commissioning and after sales warranty problems!

Is the company you are inquiring with Licenced with the Office of Fair Trading in your State? Again deal direct with a full service supplier that can certified and properly warrant this electronic equipment! Make sure they have their own weighbridge testing equipment which insures any retesting and after sales servicing can be provided affordably and professionally on time.

Ask the salesperson to provide you with reference sites and referees to ensure that the company you are buying from delivers on time and to expectation. If you are building new offices, needing traffic control, control security like CCTV as well weighbridge and business software, wrap this into a project job lot as an option? You will be surprised with the budget and staff time savings you will enjoy buying the whole project from one supplier like AWS.