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Keep Track of Product Weight with Front End Loader Scales from Weigh More Solutions, Your Australia-Based Scale Supplier

From forklifts to front end tractor loaders, companies often rely on heavy-duty equipment to move products and shipments around or prepare them for delivery. In some situations, products are sold by the box or by the package, meaning that getting an accurate weight reading isn’t a top concern. In industries where ascertaining product weight is essential, though, front end loader scales can significantly streamline warehouse or worksite operations.

The Value of Front End Loader Scales

If your business is involved in construction work, mining, landscaping, or waste management—just to name a few—then a front end loader scale can probably make life easier for your team. Companies that frequently use front end loaders to move rocks, soil, asphalt, wood, road salt, coal, cement, or other heavy materials can benefit from having an easy means to weigh those materials on the fly.

At Weigh More Solutions, we supply front end loader scales in Australia. Our scales incorporate ‘weighing in motion’ capability, which means they can deliver accurate weight readings while a front end loader is lifting and moving a load. These scales are user friendly and extremely easy to set up. They also come with bright, high quality displays, which makes weight readouts easy to read in dusty conditions, low light levels and other low visibility situations.

There are several reasons that your company might consult a front end loader scales supplier to learn more about the potential of this technology. Here are a few of them:

They help you track and control inventory levels:Companies that trade in easy-to-differentiate products—like individual books, or bottles of lotion—have little trouble counting and tracking their inventory.

When it comes to loads like salt, rocks, or construction materials, weight tends to be the crucial factor in determining how much product goes to a customer. As such, having front end loader scales that weigh your loads on the fly will make it easier for your team to control inventory levels. You avoid under-delivering, which can cause contract disputes and lead to unsatisfied customers. You also avoid over-delivering, which can hurt your company’s bottom line.

They speed up the process of collecting and loading product:Front end loader scales are gaining popularity in Australia because of how they cut out a step of the loading process. Instead of collecting a load, going off to weigh it and then delivering it to the customer, the weighing happens right there on the loader.

By skipping the standalone weigh-in step, your team saves time and expedites the loading and delivery processes.

They prevent vehicle load issues:Overloading your front end loader can cause problems that go beyond just exhausting your inventory. Indeed, an overloaded loader might run into performance issues, and you might even get pulled over on the road for violating highway regulations.

Knowing the exact weight of your loads protects the performance and longevity of your front end loaders and avoids potential highway violations. Make Weigh More Solutions Your Source for Front End Loader Scales in Australia

Do the benefits listed above sound appealing to you and your business? If so, then you need a front end loader scales supplier. At Weigh More Solutions, we would be pleased to play that role. To learn more about us and the products we offer, call us on 1300 366 131.