Modernise Your Systems with an In Motion Weighbridge from Weigh More Solutions, a Trusted Supplier Across Australia

Precise measurements of the fully loaded weight of trucks departing your production site are critical for both safety and regulatory compliance. Typical weighbridge solutions can be versatile enough to suit your needs, with modular and mobile units growing in popularity.

However, these solutions typically involve more staff interaction for operation, and they can be time-consuming in scenarios where many drivers are waiting for their turn on the scales. The result is a slower turnaround time, and even more delays if a truck registers as overweight. What will work best in environments with tight deadlines or high volume? At Weigh More Solutions, we have the answer.

The in motion weighbridge combines conventional wisdom with cutting-edge technology, creating a better way to speed up operations while maintaining strict compliance. Rather than stopping on the scales, drivers proceed slowly over the weighbridge apparatus, which calculates weight per-axle in real time.

Advanced software can add further convenience and automation to the process. Such a system can provide real improvements to your current logistics processes on several levels. Besides the clear benefit of decreased time on the scales for each truck, what are the other reasons to consider choosing an in motion weighbridge in Australia?

The core advantages to the in motion weighbridge

First and foremost, this system can lend a considerable degree of automation to your weighbridge procedures. How? With the advanced Load Management Software and the addition of the Unmanned Kiosk to the installation, no staff needs to be present to monitor the weight registered.

Instead, the system electronically identifies the truck, records its weight, and uses traffic signals to inform the driver if they are at the correct weight or not. This system can offer substantial savings regarding labour costs.

There is also the fact that this in-ground system can become a permanent fixture at the right point on your site. Set up a weigh station in an advantageous place where trucks can continue to roll through all day. When a truck does register as overweight, it will be easy to send it back for reloading.

As a final consideration, these systems feature Australian-built quality. The climate in Australia can be harsh and unforgiving, and not every system — especially those with digital technology — can stand up to the elements. As your supplier, we ensure that our systems are rugged enough to handle anything up to their 20t capacity.

Learn about making Weigh More your supplier today

Speed up operations and embrace the cutting edge of technology with this innovative solution. As your in motion weighbridge supplier, we do not just provide the hardware necessary for installation. Our national workforce is on hand and ready to conduct a fast yet thorough installation on site.

After civil approvals, we work with just a two-day turnaround time for completion. The resulting system can transform your weighbridge process from a tedious, slow effort into a fully automated and polished procedure. To discuss the logistics behind this system or to enquire about how to obtain one for your job site in Australia, please click here to go to our contact page.