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Portable Truck Scales – Increasing Warehouse Efficiencies

We take a look at how truck scale technology advancements, like portable truck scales, are shaping and driving warehouse efficiencies.

Australia’s economy is now larger than before the pandemic. Is your business prepared to take advantage of this growth?

You use several types of weigh scales in your warehouse. Your truck scales have a unique role in your logistics operations. Portable truck scales are one way to improve your warehouse efficiencies.

Find out more about how portable truck scales work and the advantages they can bring you. You’ll be ready to start making your warehouse more efficient.

How Do Portable Truck Scales Work?

Portable truck scales work like standard truck scales in many ways. They have a load cell in the center at the core of the weighing surface. A durable casing protects the load cell.

The load cell bends when weight presses on it. Software measures the output from the load cell and translates it into a digital weight. The load cell transmits the data to a remote terminal or display.

Types of Portable Truck Scales

Two basic types of portable truck scales are available. Axle pads weigh one axle at a time. Weighbridges can weigh the entire vehicle.

Axle Pads

An axle weigh pad system usually includes two portable weigh pads. Systems with four pads are also an option.

Axle weigh pads can give you individual wheel weights and individual axle weights. The system will then calculate the total weight of the vehicle. Axle weigh pads are usually accurate to +/-1%.

The weigh pads communicate with the weigh indicator through a cable or wirelessly. Some systems work using Bluetooth.


A weighbridge is a larger structure that trucks drive on, weigh, and drive off. Portable weighbridges come in different lengths. Some are modular, so you can adapt them to vehicles of different sizes.

A portable weighbridge is a low-profile surface. Many models have ramps on both sides so trucks can easily drive on and off.

A weighbridge can give you axle and total vehicle weights. A remote terminal receives the weight data through a cable, wirelessly, or using Bluetooth.

Axle Pads or Portable Weighbridge?

Axle pads and portable weighbridges are best suited for different types of applications. The type of portable truck scale you choose depends on how you’ll be using the scale.

Pros and Cons of Axle Pads

Axle pads are lightweight and compact. The average person can carry them.

However, their accuracy depends on having all the vehicle’s wheels level and on the same plane. This can be difficult to achieve depending on the site. In addition, weighing by axle group can be time consuming.

Axle pads are well-suited for operations where you collect freight from multiple locations. They’re also good for weighing a variety of types of vehicles.

Pros and Cons of Portable Weighbridges

Portable weighbridges are extremely accurate. They’re easy to assemble and transport.

However, weighbridges have a large footprint. They’re often a more expensive option because of their accuracy and durability.

A portable weighbridge is ideal for situations where invoices are based on a truck’s payload weight. They’re also well-suited for operations with high throughput because you can weigh vehicles quickly.

Benefits of Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales have several advantages. They’re easy to assemble, and you don’t need special training to use them. They’re durable and will give you good performance even in rugged environments.

Portable truck scales give you accurate results.

Some portable scales let you weigh in motion. The vehicle doesn’t need to stop for weighing. The operator drives over the weighbridge at a steady, reduced speed.

Weigh-in-motion gives you relatively fast traffic flows. You also get a faster weighting time.

Increasing Warehouse Efficiencies with Portable Truck Scales

Truck scales are a key component of your warehouse environment and logistics. You gain efficiency in several ways.

Billing and Inventory

Truck scales let you document and weigh your inbound and outbound freight. This data makes your billing more accurate. You’re less likely to overcharge or undercharge your customers.

Precise vehicle weight information helps you manage your inventory more efficiently. You know exactly how much stock is coming and going.

Legal Compliance

Accurate information about each truck’s weight is necessary for legal reasons as well. Maximum-weight regulations are quite strict. If you exceed the legal limit, you can face expensive fines and penalties.

A weighbridge or axle pads help ensure your trucks aren’t overweight. You avoid the time and expense of dealing with fines or court appearances.


Truck scales help keep your drivers and vehicles safe. You don’t lose time for accidents or injuries.

Overweight trucks create a risk.

The truck needs more stopping distance. Avoiding accidents and obstacles is more difficult.

Tire blowouts are more likely. An overloaded truck is more likely to roll over.

Overloaded trucks wear out more quickly. Truck scales help you minimize the costs and downtime from accidents and wear and tear.

Optimize Shipping

Overweight trucks are a legal and safety hazard. Underweight trucks cost you money in other ways. You’re less productive if your trucks aren’t fully loaded.

Weighbridges and axle pads help you maximize the efficiency of each shipment.


Portable truck scales give you more flexibility than traditional truck scales. You can move them as needed. This lets you adapt quickly when your business grows or slows down.

Portable weighbridges are modular. You can easily weigh trucks of different sizes.

If you have a relatively short-term lease for your warehouse space and you plan to move, you can take a portable truck scale with you.

Getting Started with Portable Truck Scales

You can better manage your warehouse when you use portable truck scales. Your logistics become more efficient. When you’re ready to start seeing these benefits, you need a portable truck scale specialist.

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