The average consumer rarely knows just how many steps it takes for a finished product to reach their door, but those in the manufacturing business understand. Long before a store employee takes items off a pallet delivered to their loading dock, many things must happen. To even get to the pallet in the first place requires a lot of work. So once your plant has a finished set of goods ready for shipment, it is vital to ensure that the loaded pallet (or cubic freight, etc.) is within the proper weight tolerances. Not only does this ensure the proper amount of product in each shipment, but it makes easy work of catching mistakes and preventing overloading. For both safety and efficiency, this is important.

Whatever you need to weigh in a production environment, reliable and heavy-duty scales that can stand up to daily use are vital to your operations. At Weigh More Solutions, we proudly offer our services as a platform scales supplier to industries around Australia. From large, pallet-sized platform scales to units built for smaller products and hygienic operation, we can match products to the needs facing almost any industry. Many of our items are trade-approved as well, so you and your customers can place total trust in their calibrated accuracy.

A diverse variety of platform scales for every task

Ease of operation is also crucial when choosing platform scales in Australia. Since many weight checks occur near the end of a production process, it is often essential to move with some speed to meet deadlines. Scales that are easy to use and register loads quickly will contribute to plant efficiency. Given the harsh environment they will face, durability is important as well — that is why the platform scales we provide always feature stainless steel surfaces.

Does your business need to acquire a platform scale that can handle a dirty environment? Meatpacking plants and other processing facilities may need to weigh large items that can leave behind a residue. Weigh More Solutions has the answer to even this problem: an IP-66 rated scale that staff can wash easily without risk of damaging any critical components. No matter the logistical challenge you face, we can work to identify pathways to solving them.

Explore the potential of a new supplier partnership

Safe, fast, and reliable platform scales can boost the amount of work completed on your production or warehouse floor by a noticeable degree. Since the type and amount of freight or finished goods you may need to weigh will vary, especially from stage to stage, the Weigh More Solutions team can aid in the product selection process. Come to us with a list of your current needs, or even a list of shortcomings in your current system. We will work to identify the best solutions, and as your supplier, we will ensure they remain in good working condition via a contracted service agreement. To explore the potential of a relationship with our business, contact us today.