AE503 label Printing Indicator

Looking for a Professional Trustworthy Supplier of Label Scales in Australia? Add Convenience to Every POS With Weigh More Solutions

There are few things as inviting as the sight of fresh food β€” especially when tastefully presented in a wrapped package. From produce to meat and seafood to prepared food products, there is a wealth of visual enjoyment to be had in any supermarket.<br/

There is something just as important as good presentation inside the packaging, though β€” a clear price marking on the outside. The price label is the second place every customer will look after spotting a product they may want, and they should be able to quickly and easily see how much the item costs. Other information, like cost by weight, is also useful for customers.<br/

Providing your customers with this information first means providing your staff with the right tools to produce these labels. With label scales, you can combine the work of weighing product with the task of printing labels. Some label scales in Australia even offer the ability to design custom labels to draw the eye of interested shoppers.
At Weigh More Solutions, we offer our services as an NMI-certified supplier to retailers like you. This highly useful equipment can speed up production workflow and boost customer satisfaction at the same time. However, there are many potential options from which to choose. What product line is best for your application?<br/

Label scales with intuitive, clean design for every purpose

From the versatile Xs series to the advanced, Windows-enabled XTx series, we offer plenty of choice in the realm of labelling scales.
br/>Whether you want to spend time designing labels that will drive more sales and customer interest, or you need an easy way to label items on-demand for a customer, these options all perform with exceptional accuracy. Easy to use systems make training simple, so your business can quickly adapt to the new equipment.

What is more frustrating than a barcode label that won’t scan? It’s a common problem with many label scales in Australia. However, the Xs series features innovative technology that always prioritises barcodes β€” even when the print heads become worn.
br/>With this system, in-store staff have more time to install new print heads for restored visual quality without compromising the ability to create labels that will scan at the point of sale. Combined with the ability to store many pre-designated products, and it is easy to see why they can be so useful.

Discuss your requirements with your new supplier

Add convenience and versatility to your label making processes in-house while improving price visibility with more consumer-friendly packaged products. With diversity in the level of technology that you can choose, matching a cost-effective solution to your budget and performance needs is an easy process.<br/
Be sure to ask one of our representatives about our service agreements, which can ensure your scales remain correctly calibrated even after months of heavy use. To discuss what you require from your label scales supplier, contact us today to learn how we can put our experience to work for your business.<br/
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