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A Portable Weighbridge Tailored to Your Needs – Hire Weigh More Solutions as Your Weighbridge Manufacturer & Supplier in Brisbane


Before you send out a truck or a railway car with a shipment, it is important to weigh the load the truck or car is carrying. Having portable weighbridges that you can move to different sites around Brisbane makes this part of the process much simpler.

A quality weighbridge can give you an accurate weight measurement and let you know whether the truck or rail car is over capacity or underloaded. A weighbridge can aid you in making educated decisions about your loads so that you aren’t wasting money on one end or risking safety on the other.


At Weigh More Solutions, we can help you meet your weighbridge needs—no matter what they might be. Since 1990, we have been known as a dependable weighbridge manufacturer in Brisbane. We can build portable weighbridges or permanent weighbridges. We can also handle weighbridge projects of virtually any length or weight capacity. As the old mantra goes, the sky is the limit for what we can do.


Quality You Can Count on: Why Weigh More Solutions Is Australia’s Go-To Weighbridge Manufacturer


If you need a weighbridge, our team at Weigh More Solutions wants to build it for you. Not only does our team of weighbridge suppliers in Brisbane have a bulk of experience in this area, but we can also guarantee safety and quality. Here are a few of the factors that set us apart from the competition:


    • Our weighbridges are Australian made: If you purchase a portable weighbridge in Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia, you deserve a product made in Australia. At Weigh More Solutions, we manufacture and develop all components of our weighing bridges domestically—from the digital load cells to the weighbridge software.


    • Our weighbridges match with strict Australian standards: One of the benefits of choosing a weighbridge manufacturer in Brisbane is that you get a company who knows Australian standards and requirements. At Weigh More Solutions, we design and build all our weighbridges to comply with Australia’s strict measurement regulations and to hold up under the country’s tough weather conditions.


    • Our weighbridges come with built-in warranty coverage: No matter what type of weighbridge you purchase from Weigh More Solutions, you can expect us to maintain the same level of quality control. All our weighing bridges come backed with a two-year warranty.



Don’t settle for a weighbridge supplier in Brisbane that doesn’t know Australian standards or does most of its manufacturing overseas. Instead, put your trust in a company that started here and has spent the better part of two decades establishing a reputation among Australia’s trucking and shipping industries. Choose Weigh More Solutions.


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