Australian weighbridge

Is it Time to Replace a Worn-Out Weighbridge on Your Job Site? Weigh More Solutions Can Act as Your Supplier Around Australia

Maintaining reliable, durable equipment on an industrial work site is essential not just for continued operational success, but for safety and efficiency as well. It’s this need for dependability that drives the search for the right equipment and a supplier that can deliver on their promises. Over time, though, the core infrastructure used for daily operations will begin to wear out and ultimately require replacement.

Consider the simple weighbridge, for example. Knowing the exact load on the trucks entering or leaving your facility is very important, especially when it comes to tracking waste or seeking compliance with vehicle weight limits. Is your current solution no longer up to the task?

It can happen in several ways. Overuse might lead to physical damage of the weighbridge, or its loading cells may simply no longer have the capacity to generate accurate measurements. Perhaps it is obsolete in other ways — such as being too short to accommodate newly acquired trucks.

In any case, it is time to look for a new weighbridge in Australia suitable for your operations. At Weigh More Solutions, we offer extensive industry experience and a healthy product catalogue to help businesses like yours choose the installations they need.

Choosing the right weighbridge for your site

The exact installation that will work best at your location in Australia will depend on the demands you face. For example, do you require a very long weighing area, but lack a lot of space on the job site? A pit weighbridge is often the right choice in these situations, as much of the hardware goes below ground.

It’s also easier for some types of vehicles to drive over during weighing. When space is not at so much of a premium, a typical above-ground weighbridge will suffice.

Modular and “weigh in motion” bridges are also popular options. The latter is exceptionally well suited for operations where speed and continual cycling of trucks through the site is essential. They reduce the time spent gathering weight data without sacrificing accuracy. Which one is the right choice regarding effectiveness, ROI, and other factors? We can help you make that determination.

Begin a conversation about your equipment today

We understand that businesses must be able to depend on their weighbridge supplier for a variety of services beyond merely providing a means to purchase a solution. At Weigh More Solutions, we offer a complete approach, from suggesting products to keeping them calibrated long after the day of installation. With the importance attached to tracking truck weight and product volume, choosing a supplier in Australia is not always easy.

Through our durable Australian-made equipment and clear track record of exceptional service, we hope to offer “a solution in every weigh” for your operation. To find out more about how our weighbridges work and what options you have, please contact us by phone on 1300 366 131. Prefer to email instead? Reach our team at