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Guarantee Compliance and Improve Safety in Australia with an Axle Weighbridge from a Trusted Supplier

Today, we have more ways to move goods and materials from place to place than at any other time in history. From trains to jets and long-distance sea shipping, there are plenty of options available for manufacturers and industrial operators to transport goods. Yet despite all these advances, we still rely on one method more than almost any other when it comes to moving material over land: trucking. Chances are your business operates its own fleet of trucks, or contracts with a third-party provider for transit. In either case, it is important to observe all the relevant rules and regulations that govern safe operating procedures for these trucks — and that includes knowing their exact weight.

An overloaded truck not only imparts a greater degree of wear and tear onto the roadways of Australia, but it also represents a safety risk. The heavier a vehicle is, after all, the more difficult it is to brake in an emergency. That is why accurate and reliable equipment such as an axle weighbridge is essential for your operations. Not only does it assist with internal tracking and statistics, but it ensures you can operate trucks safely and within the bounds of the law. At Weigh More Solutions, we proudly bring a diverse and robust range of products to the market in Australia as a licensed supplier.

Finding the ideal solution for an axle weighbridge

The chain of responsibility established by law guarantees that everyone, at each step in the process of shipment, shares the responsibility for safety. In some cases, the weight of the truck at each axle is just as important as the overall loaded weight. In fact, there are some regulations specifically to govern the weight per axle. As a result, having an axle weighbridge supplier who can tailor products to meet client specifications for utility is invaluable.

We can supply a system which is not only highly dependable but highly transportable as well. This low-profile, easy to install weighbridge yields a versatile solution well suited to many different types of work sites, from landfills to industrial manufacturing. Place the weighing pads wherever you need to check the axle weight of a departing truck, and move the system as demands change. A Weigh More Solutions associate can discuss the benefits of this system based on your circumstances.

Partner with professionals at Weigh More Solutions

When you need to purchase an axle weighbridge in Australia, it is paramount that you choose a supplier that understands the strict level of regulation in place around the country. Exceeding load limits can be costly, but more importantly, each weighbridge delivers outstanding accuracy once correctly calibrated. With the ability to accurately weigh a load before it leaves the job site, you can ensure that the business charges appropriately for the material purchases. In this way, placing the right equipment into this role fulfils multiple objectives for the business. That is why we like to say we offer “a solution in every weigh!” To find out more, visit our contact page.