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For custom build weighbridge and truck scales, count on Weigh More Solutions. For the past 27 years, we have been bringing high-quality weighbridge and truck scale solutions to clients throughout Australia.
We design our hardware to help you comply with Australia’s strict truck weight and capacity standards.
We also pair our scales with software products that help improve your workflow around the weighing equipment. Across the board, we dedicate ourselves to helping our clients find practical solutions for their applications.

Surface Weighbridge or Pit Weighbridge? Choosing the Right Truck Scale Solution for Your Business

As a weighbridge and truck scale supplier, one of the queries we hear most frequently at Weigh More Solutions is about different types of weighbridges.
Specifically, our clients want to know about the differences between surface mounted weighbridges and pit mounted weighbridges. They also want to know which option is superior.

As you might expect, neither of these installation types is inherently ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than the other. However, depending on your usage needs, your budget and your site and site conditions, one may well be better for your purposes.

Surface weighbridges, as the name implies, just sit on top of the roadway or ground surface. Trucks need to drive up and down ramps to get onto or off the scale. Pit mounted weighbridges, meanwhile, are installed within pits and sit flush with the surface of the ground. The main benefit of these systems is that you don’t need ramps to use them.
Driving a truck onto the weighbridge and truck scale is easier because the weighbridge is level with the road.

There are a few pros and cons about both types of installation that you will want to think about before finalising your plans for a weighbridge and truck scale in Australia. On the one hand, surface weighbridges are typically cheaper upfront.
You don’t have to spend money for the foundation and pit work that is necessary for a pit mounted scale.
Instead, you are mainly just paying for the weighbridge itself. If your business is operating on a tight budget, this opportunity for monetary savings will probably make surface mounted weighbridges attractive.

On the other hand, the need to use ramps on both sides of a surface mounted weighbridge and truck scale can be a problem on sites that have size limitations.
Long ramps can mean a weighbridge takes up a significant amount of space. They can also make it more difficult for trucks to turn around and manoeuvre themselves so that driving onto the scale is even possible. If your site has plenty of open space, this issue probably won’t be much of a concern.
If you are operating with limited space, though, it may be worth investing in a pit mounted weighbridge, just to conserve area.

Learn More by Speaking with a Weighbridge and Truck Scale Supplier

If you want to know more about both surface and pit mounted weighbridges, your best bet is to start a dialogue with a weighbridge and truck supplier. At Weigh More Solutions, we are happy to help you with any matters concerning weighbridge and truck scales in Australia. Call us on 1300 366 131 today!