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Searching for Load Cell Manufacturers in Brisbane? Find the Best Load Cells at Weigh-More Solutions, One of the Areas’ Top Load Cell Suppliers

Anyone in the transportation industry knows how essential an accurate weight reading is for trucks. To comply with local, regional, and nationwide load bearing standards, truck owners depend on the accuracy of weighbridges to reflect how much the load weighs.

Not only can inaccurate weight readings lead to safety hazards, but they can also prevent goods from on-time delivery. Overloading could leave drivers or companies with a hefty fee for vehicle overload. 


If your facility has a faulty weighbridge or if you’re looking to have a new one installed, you’ll want to make sure you work with a company with top of the line load cells for Brisbane manufacturers and distributors. Load cell suppliers in Brisbane play a pivotal role in determining the quality and effectiveness of weighbridges.

To ensure your weighbridge is always accurate, turn to one of the best load cell manufacturers in the Brisbane area: Weigh-More Solutions.


Invest in one of the Top Load Cell Manufacturers in Brisbane at Weigh-More Solutions

At Weigh-More Solutions, we know how important weight accuracy is to your company. We’ve been providing the best Australian made weighbridges, scales, digital indicators, and load cells in the Brisbane area since 1990. Companies trust us with their crucial weighing needs because we have the years of experience, proven track record, and dependable industry knowledge.


In fact, our Australian made products are such notable quality, countries from overseas often order from us, as well. We offer high quality, reliable turnkey weighbridge solutions, intuitive control of your weighing processes, and accurate, dependable results. We make sure we take advantage of the best new breakthroughs in technology, so we can also provide you with the top-notch indicators and digital load cells.


Learn More about Our Load Cells’ Unique Features


When you purchase load cells from us, you’re purchasing a promise to perform. All our load cells are manufactured in house and meet the highest industry standards. Our ASL load cell is a digitally compressed load cell, which uses single column technology to measure weight accurately.


While there are many different types of load cells out there, our quality load cells are strain gauge load cells, which we believe are the most reliable. This type of cell converts the strain of the force being pushed down upon it into an electrical signal, that can be read through a digital indicator.

This reliable load cell will offer you accurate results and peace of mind that you made the best purchase, by depending on the technology from a longstanding, reputable company.


Ready to place your first order with Weigh-More Solutions? We’d love to learn more about your company’s needs and unique equipment challenges. Give us a call on 1300 366 131 to learn more or get started on your new order.