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Get Portable Weighbridges, Axle Weighing Pads, Free Quotes and Other Top Tier Services When You Choose Weigh More Solutions as Your Weighbridge Manufacturers and Suppliers in Melbourne

At Weigh More Solutions, one of our top goals has always been to provide our clients with a turnkey weighbridge solution. We want to be the company that can meet all your weighbridge solutions under one roof. Whether you need a portable and modular weighbridge solution in Melbourne or a permanent pit-style weighbridge installation in Sydney, we can provide it. Whether you need emergency after hours’ service or help during regular business hours, you can call us. If you have a question about weighbridges, we can answer it—no exceptions.


Our Versatile Product Range
If you decide to choose Weigh More Solutions as your weighbridge manufacturer in Melbourne, you will find that our weighing bridge installations typically fit into three different categories: portable weighbridges, surface weighbridges and pit-style weighbridges. Read on to learn more about each of these styles.


    • Portable Weighing Bridges: You will opt for portable weighbridges in Melbourne if you need to 1) adjust the length of your weighbridge from one use to the next, or 2) transport the weighbridge from one location to another. Our portable weighbridges have modular designs, allow for easy assembly and installation and are simple to take apart for shipping.


    • Surface Weighing Bridges: At Weigh More Solutions, we can tailor our surface weighbridges to suit your specifications. Just let us know the length and weight capacity of your ideal weighbridge. We will create a quick price quote based on your ideal specs—usually with a 24-hour turnaround time.


    • Pit Weighing Bridges: Our selection of pit or in-ground weighbridges includes axle weighing pads and axle weighbridges. These products help our clients monitor compliance by making sure their vehicles are loaded correctly. These types of weighbridges are useful for helping shipping companies maximise road safety and avoid potential penalties for overloading their trucks.



All weighbridges have been built with state of the art digital load cells and designed to withstand Australia’s tough conditions.


Contact Our Weighbridge Suppliers in Melbourne for More Product Information
If you are interested in learning more about Weigh More Solutions and our various types of portable and permanent weighbridges in Melbourne, just give us a call. We would be happy to talk you through the differences between our portable or surface weighbridges or tell you about the many benefits of having accurate axle weighing pads installed on your worksite.
If you are interested in working with our weighbridge manufacturers and suppliers in Melbourne, we can also provide you with a 24-hour price quote for your project. This price quote is completely free and complimentary: there is no obligation—legal or otherwise—for you to work with us after receiving a price quote. Of course, we would be pleased to work with you if you are interested in moving forward with your weighbridge project.


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