trucks on way to weighbridges

trucks on way to weighbridge

Weighbridges 101: Different Types of Weighbridges Explained

If you are looking to know what type of weighbridges you need to buy for your business, search no further! Discover our full, comprehensive guide!

Want to speed up your business processes and stay safer? Take advantage of the many different types of weighbridges that Weigh More Solutions offers. If you are a company sending trucks out onto the road, you need Weigh More.

By integrating our in-motion or portable weighbridges into your job site, you can save the time and money it would cost to go to a public weighbridge and weigh. Streamline your process with each one of our weighbridges. Whether you need permanent installation or a weighbridge that can move with you, our weighbridges for sale meet your needs.


Weighbridge platforms are scales large enough to assess the weight of a truck before it leaves a job site or pick-up location. Weighbridges help companies stay in compliance with vehicle weight laws.

They also catch discrepancies. When you know 5 tons of product left but only 4.5 tons arrived, companies have an immediate red flag that something has happened during shipment.

Keeping records from weighbridges is an all-around best practice. For companies that work with materials coming in and out on trucks, a Chain of Responsibility is important. That’s why our weighbridge technology makes it simple for you to get and store accurate load weight information.

Ask about the software storage options we can integrate with your bridge. EZYWeigh iBridge permits a connected cloud. A cloud reaches all sites to stay regularly updated with incoming information. This allows you to have real-time information and monitor shipments from point to point.

Watch for accidental overloads from headquarters and simplify the Chain of Responsibility. Everyone gets live information right on the cloud. Access the cloud from offices, headquarters, and mobile-integrated computers in the field.

Concrete Weighbridge

For permanent installations, concrete weighbridges are best. They integrate into the driving space of your building or site. Built from Australian-made composite concrete, these use galvanized universal beams and PFC end sections. The concrete can stand up to extremely dry and dusty locations.

Due to the weight of the decks, these get constructed on-site with re-inforced concrete. Gusset support, re-bar, and deck mesh and bar provide the most strength of any design.

Custom designs available. Typical designs fall between 4 to 56 m in length and 3 to 4 m in width.

Weigh More Solutions provides turnkey project consultation. This includes supply, civils, gatehouse, software, traffic management, and weighbridge auditing technology. We work to make this a one-stop-shop project for those in need of a quality, permanent weighbridge. For after-market service, contracts are available.

Our concrete weighbridges are available in models AWS106 and AWS108.


Companies in search of a modular weighbridge with on-site assembly should turn to steel weighbridges. Manufactured in pieces to be fully put together, these finish at their final destination.

Galvanized or epoxy painted U-beams, 10 mm floor plate decks, and heavy load cell bulkhead structure for load cell mounts make up the modular steel weighbridges. Once assembled, electronics connect.

Ramps at either end allow trucks to position themselves onto the deck. These have semi-inground weighbridge option when used with a shallow pit that lowers the deck to road level.

Our steel weighbridges are available in models AWS106-s and AWS109.


Not every job site is permanent, but that doesn’t mean you need to find the nearest weighbridge and contract someone else to calculate your numbers. Make sure you get your numbers measured right before the truck leaves your site with a portable weighbridge that moves between job sites.

Another fully turnkey option where we handle the project plan, paperwork, and set-up, our portable weighbridges can be set up in just two days. These are relatively low at just 400 mm high. With high-quality European Digital Technology components, you can feel confident in these readings even at remote sites.

Fit the needs of your job site with 6 to 56 m length options and 3 to 3.5 m with options. Contact us for custom design needs, as well.

Our portable weighbridges are available in the AWS106-sp model.

In-Motion Weighbridges

Hit the gas and don’t stop with in-motion weighbridges. For high-traffic sites where time is money, integrating an in-motion weighbridge system on the exit route can quickly gather load information as the vehicle drives over the deck.

Utilizing the best of several other bridge designs, in-motion weighbridges are made of stainless steel load cells and a concrete-reinforced heavy floor plate.

Software allows each axle’s load to be calculated and stored when travelling at low speed.

Our in-motion weighbridge is available in the AWS110 model.

Portable Axle-Weighbridge

When axle-specific measurements are needed, our portable axle weighbridge designs may be the best option. These dual-track bridges transport between locations. They save space and permit quality records to be kept of coming and going vehicles wherever a weighbridge is needed.

To make these even more portable when moving between sites, they were designed to be compact. They rise 160 mm above ground and can be as short as 2.4 m or as long as 32 m.

The mobile weighbridges can be lowered into a shallow-dug hole to bring the deck in line with the road or used with ramps. Fix the ramps in place for a semi-permanent stay.

Our portable weighbridges are made of steel. This has been sandblasted and varnished with bi-component epoxy coating to be resistant to corrosion.

Our portable axle weighbridge is available in the Model ARLX.

Buying from Weigh More Solutions

When you buy weighbridges from Weigh More solutions you make a decision to feel more confident about the accuracy of your numbers, to speed up your operation, and to gain friendly support even after the sale is completed from Weigh More

Fill out our inquiry form, start a relationship with weighbridge suppliers that can help you pick the right model of weighbridge, get it installed, and help you maintain the components past the date of sale. Our turnkey solutions make it possible for you to have a weighbridge up and running in no time.

Get in touch to learn more about the services we provide. We’re way more than you bargained for.