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Weighbridge Maintenance Services – What is Included?

Adjusting buffer stops is just one of the services included in weighbridge maintenance services. To learn about the other services continue reading!

If you own a weighbridge on your premises, you will already know what an invaluable piece of equipment it is. Weighbridges and weighbridge maintenance services are critical to business success for many reasons.

There are examples of fines totaling nearly $1 million being levied on companies for overloading offenses. So you can’t ignore the importance of accurate measurements for your consignment loads.

But a poorly maintained weighbridge will not give you the level of service you need. Weighbridge maintenance services are an important part of keeping the wheels rolling in your haulage business. Read on to learn more.

Why Is Weighbridge Maintenance Important?

Regular and effective maintenance and cleaning of your weighbridge is extremely important. It will help to maintain the performance of the device and ensure that the measurements it records are accurate.

Proper care and attention will also reduce the likelihood of malfunctions. This could cause expensive downtime and limit the movements of your fleet, resulting in late shipments and dissatisfied customers. This in turn is likely to have an impact on your bottom line and your reputation with your customer base.

Of course, you’re likely to save money too if you need fewer emergency call-outs for repairs. And preventative maintenance will also prolong the life expectancy of your device.

Weighbridges are substantial pieces of machinery. It’s important to remember the health and safety of your operatives too. Faulty machinery can cause serious accidents so you need to protect your team.

Add to this the importance of accurate measurements for legal and commercial purposes, and you will see that it’s really a no-brainer to invest in maintenance services.

Your weighbridge is a valuable investment for your business and you need to look after it. But what exactly does the  maintenance of a weighbridge entail? Let’s look a little more closely at the detail.

What Are Weighbridge Maintenance Services?

A full weighbridge service should involve checking and greasing all the load cells and the top and bottom cups. Damaged load cells are a serious issue and can result in inaccurate measurements. This is a critical part of any preventative maintenance.

Other important steps in a weighbridge service include testing the indicator and all other buttons and adjusting the butter stops. The service should also involve checking the remote display and related software.

A visual check of the overall quality of the weighbridge should also be carried out. It’s important to get a full picture of the whole device and identify any areas of wear and tear or damage.

Calibration checks should ideally be carried out every twelve months. This is vital, as owners of weighbridges that are used for trade are legally obliged to ensure that their weighbridges comply with the relevant measurement regulations.

It’s a good idea to consider a software support agreement too. Many weighbridges are now equipped with sophisticated software.  It’s important to ensure that this is updated regularly and relevant training provided.

How Often Should I Conduct Weighbridge Maintenance?

An annual preventative maintenance service for your weighbridge is the bare minimum requirement. There are various other tasks that you can carry out on a regular basis, to ensure that your weighbridge is in tip-top condition.

Daily Checks

On a daily basis, your staff should carry out a visual inspection of the weighbridge to identify any build-up of dirt or mud which could affect functionality. For pit-mounted weighbridges, this will involve inspecting the pit below the weighbridge.

For surface-mounted weighbridges, the area underneath the weighbridge should also be checked. Debris could affect the accuracy of measurements. It’s also important to ensure that there is sufficient clearance between the weighbridge structure and the ground below.

The other crucial factor in ensuring accurate measurements is the load cells. These need to be clear of debris and mud to function properly, so these should be checked on a regular basis.

Weekly Checks

It’s a good idea to do a weighing check on a weekly basis to identify any issues with the accuracy of your weighbridge. This can be done by recording a measurement of the same truck three times, on different positions on the weighing platform, and comparing the results.

If there are significant discrepancies between the measurements, you may need specialist calibration or maintenance. Don’t forget that the main purpose of your weighbridge is to give you accurate measurements. This principle should form the basis of all your checks.

Monthly Cleaning Routines

In addition to daily checks for debris and mud, you should also undertake a thorough clean of your weighbridge with a jet wash once a month. This should include cleaning the underside of the platform.

However, you should be careful to make sure that no water hits the load cells or enters the junction box. This could affect the accuracy of the weighing mechanism.

How Much Do Maintenance Services Cost?

The cost of a weighbridge maintenance service will vary according to the type of weighbridge you own, your location, and various other factors. It’s an important investment, to ensure that your weighbridge remains in outstanding condition.

Here at Weigh More, we offer a comprehensive service agreement for all your preventative maintenance needs. We can carry out full services either on a six-monthly or twelve-monthly basis. This also includes full calibration reports.

You don’t even need to keep track of when your next service is due. Our team will contact you with a reminder when the time comes.

Getting the Best Out Of Your Weighbridge

Anyone in the heavy goods trade knows full well how critical a weighbridge is to the success of their operations. Regular maintenance services are essential, to prevent downtime and expensive repairs.

You must maintain the accuracy of your measurements, as well as the legal integrity of your business.

We would be delighted to discuss your servicing needs for your weighbridge, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team now.