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Three Signs That Your Medical Weight Scales Need Replacing (And Where to Replace Them in Sydney)

An accurate medical weight scale is one of the most important investments that a medical practitioner can make. However, the fact is that scales—particularly less expensive and less state of the art models—won’t usually give accurate readings forever. Over time, the accuracy of the medical scales at your Sydney practice might start to waver. When that happens, you either need to look for a scale calibration service in the area or replace your scale with a new and improved model.

How to Know If You Need a New Medical Weighing Scale

Are you wondering about the performance of the medical weight scale? If you notice that your scale is exhibiting any of the symptoms described below, then it might be time to go shopping for new medical weighing scales in Sydney.
  • Your scale gives different measurements every time you step onto the platform
    Here’s a great way to test your scale: step onto the weighing platform three or four times consecutively and take note of the measurement readouts. In between weighing sessions, step off the scale and let it recalibrate. If your scale gives you consistent measurements each time, that’s a sign it is performing as it should. If the scale gives inconsistent readouts, though, there is something wrong with the load cells, and you might consider finding a replacement.
  • Your scale won’t make up its mind
    We’ve all seen scales that can’t seem to settle on a final measurement. Step onto your scale and take note of how long it takes to give you a steady measurement. If the numbers on the digital readout keep going up and down without finding a stable measurement point—or if the scale takes a long time to decide which measurement is ‘right’—then your scale needs recalibration or replacement.
  • Your scale gives different measurements than another scale in your practice
    Perhaps you have two or more medical weight scales at your Sydney business: one that is older and lagging in performance and one that is newer that you know for certain is accurate. If you do have a newer, more accurate scale that you can use as a control group, then testing the accuracy of the older less reliable scale is easy. Just weigh yourself on the new scale, write down the weight and then weigh yourself on the older scale and see if the weights match. If the older scale consistently delivers the same measurement, then you can still rely on it. If the measurements are different—especially if they differ significantly—replace the older scale.
Find a New Medical Weight Scale in Sydney by Shopping with Weigh More Solutions

Just like clocks slow down over the years, scales can lose some of their calibration. At home, a scale that is off by a few kilograms is no big deal. In the healthcare field, though, you need accurate weight measurements to treat your patients effectively. You can’t afford any margin for error.

As such, if your tests yield proof that one of your practice’s scales is no longer reliable, it’s a good idea to start searching for a replacement medical scale in Sydney. At Weigh More Solutions we can help you choose the right scale for your practice. We use only the latest technologies in our scales—including digital load cells and indicators—so you can depend on their accuracy. Give us a call on 1300 366 131 to learn more.

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