Looking for Australian Suppliers for a New P.O.S. (Point-of-Sale) Scale System? Outfit Your  Retail Location with Accurate, Calibrated and Reliable Scales by Weigh More Solutions
Reliable measurements, especially those that track item weights, are incredibly important to our society. Think about it: how much of what we buy and sell has its price determined by weight? From seafood to steel, all kinds of things depend on a good scale to tell us how much we owe the person providing us with the goods.

For retail business owners, especially those selling items such as food, it is crucial to be able to provide not only an assessment of an item’s weight but to incorporate that process into making a sale. As a result, having good P.O.S. scales can make all the difference.

From weighing freshly cut meat to checking on the weight of a bag of vegetables, P.O.S. scales enable smooth, seamless operations in the checkout line. With the scale integrated directly into the point of sale machine, there is no need for cashiers to re-key information.

Instead, the proper amount to charge for the item automatically appears on the computer. When you need to acquire several sets of P.O.S. scales in Australia, what is your best option? At Weigh More Solutions, we believe we have everything you need to set up a dependable and easy to use system for your business.
Simple yet functional P.O.S. scales
Accuracy is far and away the most important attribute when considering a P.O.S. scale for two reasons. First, your customers must be able to know they are only paying for what they want to purchase — and not less. Second, you must know that you are not giving products away for free or undercharging customers.

A good set of scales attached to the P.O.S. simplifies this process, and with regular calibration, it can continue to offer years of dependable service. Weigh More Solutions provides a complete P.O.S. solution as well as scales sold separately.

Built with a low profile but a very large weighing tray, this equipment can accommodate many types of goods and will interface readily with your existing systems. Combine that convenience with our experienced calibration, and the result is a robust answer to a common retail challenge.
Access the ideal solutions for your business today
Improve checkout efficiency, offer a wider variety of products, and track sales by weight with ease — use an all in one solution. With Weigh More Solutions as your P.O.S. scales supplier, you can count on quality in every single installation.

If you experience issues during the life of your product, we are always happy to provide long-term servicing options as well. Your customers trust your scales to be true — so let us make sure that everything is in perfect working order.

Explore more information about specific P.O.S. scales by clicking here, or if you are ready to discuss the products you need, please give us a call on 1300 366 131. We look forward to offering our services as a supplier.