Choosing a Professional Trustworthy Supplier for Point of Sale Scales in Australia to Commission a New Retail Fit-Out

The upcoming opening of a new retail store is always an exciting time. After putting in months of hard work to prepare the store for opening, many of the preparations are now complete, and your attention has turned to sourcing all the vital equipment for the daily operations of the store. In many situations, especially if your business is proceeding towards the opening of a grocery store, point of sale scales will be an essential part of your acquisitions. Selecting a trustworthy supplier for this critical infrastructure is key to not only opening with the best equipment but operating with fewer issues into the future as well.

At Weigh More Solutions, we proudly provide point of sale scales around Australia. From the meat counter in the supermarket to a convenient self-checkout kiosk and more, these scales adapt easily to many uses. When the time comes to fit-out your new location, choose a supplier that listens to your needs and can suggest the products that best fit your needs. We provide both individual scales, which are suitable for trade and general use, as well as complete POS systems. This range allows our team to suggest a wide variety of solutions based on the demands of your retail environment.

Point of sale scales with seamless integration

The CAS PD-II is a versatile point of sale scale that meets all the most common needs in a sales environment, while also retaining options for customisation. For example, you may wish to allow the customer to see the weight registered during a transaction. An additional display screen on the side makes this a simple matter. Its low profile allows it to fit comfortably into a tight space near a till or in a dedicated station. Two standard communication ports allow for integration with P.O.S. hardware for instant readouts on weighed objects and their price.

To aid in developing a complete solution, we recommend pairing these scales with the other hardware we can provide as your supplier. The complete systems we offer include computer hardware, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and even cash registers. Each of these items will pair perfectly with your new scales, allowing for the easy creation of checkout points wherever needed.

Put the finishing touches on your new location soon

Selecting a point of sale scales supplier does not need to be difficult — choose the experienced team to furnish your new location with the equipment it needs. From extensive options for diverse levels of need at the point of sale to dependable service agreements to ensure a long usable life, Weigh More Solutions offers an opportunity for an excellent ROI. Do you need functionality such as printing, or a scale that interfaces with your existing tills? We can accommodate those needs and more. To discuss the number of scale systems necessary for outfitting your business in Australia, please email us at or ring any time on 1300 366 131.