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The Benefits of Using Industrial Platform Scales

Platform scales can increase productivity, sales and product quality. 

11 billion tons of cargo are shipped every year. The scales you’d find in your home or grocery store are too small and inefficient to weigh such a massive load.

Industrial scales are an essential tool for the logistic industry. They ensure that every load has the right weight.

There are several types, and platform scales are one of the best. They allow for quick, convenient, accurate measurements to prevent overloading or shipping mistakes.

Read our guide to learn what platform scales are, what benefits they provide, and how to choose the best one from a reputable provider.

Types of Industrial Scales and Platform Scales

Industrial scales, as their name suggests, are used for industrial weight measurement. They’re durable and can handle large measurements.

There are 3 types of industrial scales; pallet scales, and weighing scales, and platform scales.

Pallet scales hold their loads on 2 individual beams. They allow for easy loading and weighing of shipping pallets and handle load capacities of 1000-2000kg.

Weighing scales is a more general term. These refer to portable, load-bearing options with weighing capacities of 200kg or more.

Platform scales weigh loads of 1,000-3,000kg. They use a simple, flat design but can weigh awkwardly-shaped loads.

Galvanized platform scales use steel covered in zinc. This strong material helps them stand up to difficult environmental conditions.

Trade-approved platform scales meet requirements from government bodies like the NMI or National Measurement Institute. They’ve been checked by a servicing licensee who’s given it a certificate of approval.

Benefits of Platform Scales

There are several applications for using platform scales, including factories and warehouses. They’re adaptable and can work in almost any industrial environment.

Businesses have a range of weighing platforms to choose from, but the platform scale is one of the best. It has several benefits, including fast, accurate measurements, increased productivity, and reduced likelihood of shipment mistakes or overloading.

Easy, Accurate Measurements

Platform scales make it easy to measure loads. For example, forklift drivers can set them onto the platform and pick them back up when they’ve been weighed.

Platform scales also provide accurate measurements. You can trust the numbers they show and won’t have to waste time re-weighing the same loads.

Increased Productivity

A platform scale increases the speed of your load measurements, and this helps your entire business run more efficiently. Your drivers can stop for a moment to go onto the scale and then get back to work.

Reducing Shipment Mistakes

Mistakes and theft are an unfortunate part of any business, but platform and industrial scales help businesses prevent them. Weighing the load before it leaves a location and when it returns ensures that nothing was lost.

Electronic platform scales prevent this issue even more effectively using powerful security software. It monitors the scale and the data it presents. This helps prevent fraud and ensure only authorized personnel can gain access.

Preventing Overloading

Excess load weight increases stopping distance, decreases brake performance, and increases the likelihood of mechanical failure. These factors make overloaded trucks more likely to get into an accident or cause a bridge to collapse.

Most countries have put some level of truck overloading legislation into effect. These laws are meant to discourage heavy loads by providing penalties.

Mass limits determine how much you can load onto a vehicle. They differ based on factors like type, manufacturer recommendations, and axle spacing. Look them up in the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator or Road and Maritime Service to be sure.

Minor risk violations include overloads of 105% or less above the mass limit. Substantial risk includes overloads of 105-120% above the mass limit. Severe risk includes violations above 120% of the mass limit.

Overloading fines can’t exceed $22,000 but can be severe. Criminal and civil charges may also come into play if the overload causes property damage. Any violations can also ruin a business’s reputation.

These are only some of the benefits that a platform scale can provide. Once you’ve decided that it’s the best option for your business, you must choose the best provider to purchase it from.

How to Choose an Platform and Industrial Scales Provider

Platform scales are a necessary and beneficial solution for businesses with heavy products. There’s a variety of providers you can buy one from, and choosing the right one is the best way to find the best product. You should look at several factors, including the solutions and technology they offer, their readability, and the provider’s reputation.

Make sure that the provider is willing to tailor their solutions to what you need. They should allow customization to get you the exact type of industrial scale and software that you need.

Look at the readability of the scale before purchasing it. Top-quality scales have up to 0.1 and lower-capacity scales have up to 0.01. Certain Australian companies mandate readability of at least 0.001. Whatever option you choose, you’ll need to make sure you can read the measurements it provides.

Look for scales that let you use top-of-the-line technology. This includes industrial computers, data analysis on-board weighing systems, and load cells and components.

Platform scales require regular maintenance and repairs. The best provider will offer quality customer service to help you with this aspect of ownership.

One of the most important tasks is to look at the provider’s reputation. They should sell trade-approved platform scales, use licensed NMI technicians for repairs, and have positive reviews.

Where to Buy The Best Platform and Industrial Scales

Platform scales are useful in almost any industrial application. This makes them the perfect choice for a wide variety of industries. They’re affordable, convenient, and effective. They also prevent costly shipping mistakes and dangerous overloading incidents.

Realizing the benefits of these scales may make you want to purchase one from your business. You must choose the right provider to get the most use out of them. Choose one that offers high-quality products with plenty of up-to-date features and has a reputation for compliance, safety, and customer service.

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