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How to Choose the Best Truck Weighbridge For Your Needs

Truck Weighbridges – How to Choose the Best  For Your Needs

It is important to choose the best truck weighbridge or scale that fits your specific needs. Here is our guide to picking the best truck weighbridge for you.

For businesses that buy or sell products in bulk, a truck weighbridge is an essential tool. They are important for calculating purchases or monitoring the daily flow of materials.

If you are looking for weighbridges for sale, you may be wondering what design is best for your business needs and your budget. With so many available options and functions, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Fortunately, there are some basic considerations you can make to help you narrow it down. The information below lays out weighbridge types and functions and provides some insight into the pros and cons of each. Keep reading to find out how to select the best option for your business needs.

Truck Weighbridge Basics

Weighbridges are industrial pallet scales used for weighing vehicles of different sizes. The most common use is to discern the number / quantity of goods purchased in bulk. Examples include agricultural products, construction materials, or bulk liquids.

Concrete Truck Weighbridges are constructed of a concrete foundation, upon which the scale deck sits. Decks may be either concrete or steel. Concrete weighbridges have very good traction, especially in wet weather but can take several weeks to install and are more expensive.

Multiple modular sections can be installed to accommodate different vehicle sizes. For longer trucks, two or three sections may be necessary. Load cells support the scale deck and gauge the weight on it.

Cables connect the cells to a terminal that displays the weight. The terminal also serves as a control panel for scale functions. the technology is very mature and well adapted – for instance, In difficult weather environments you can select a grounding feature to help protect the weighbridge terminal from lightning strikes.

Weighbridges are very durable systems, designed for industrial grade work and can last for 20 years or more with proper maintenance. Longevity also depends on use and the type of equipment, but there is a wide variety in manufacturing quality. Be sure to select a reputable company that has a lot of experience making and installing weighbridges, but also in the provision of technical support. A weighbridge failure can be very expensive indeed and you need to know that when things go wrong, you can have on site support – fast.

Why Are Quality Weighbridges Important?

An accurate truck weighbridge is imperative for determining the price of goods and protecting your business against fraudulent practises. An inaccurate one could cost your company thousands of dollars in losses. Precision also is important for calculating taxes as well as complying with all trade measurement laws.

To help you, the National Measure Institute lays out legal error tolerances. Your business must operate within these bounds. Failure to do so could result in fines or the threat of a shutdown.

Truck Weighbridges –  Types

There are many different kinds of truck weighbridges available, with distinct advantages to each. One obvious factor for determining which truck weighbridge system you need is what type and size of vehicle you will be weighing.

Pit-Mounted Truck Weighbridges

As the name suggests, pit-mounted weighbridges sit inside an excavated hole. They are level with the surrounding ground.

This means they do not need ramps or rails along their edges. In general, this makes the platform easier and safer for trucks to use.

Pit-mounted weighbridges are ideal for businesses that have limited surrounding space for trucks to maneuver. In general, they have the smallest footprint of any weighbridge available.

Pit-mounted weighbridges are the most expensive type, due to installation costs. But, for larger businesses or ones where weighing is a fundamental component of the workday, the added cost may be worth it. The speed with which you can weigh and move vehicles on and off the scales can translate to significant cost savings over time.

Surface-Mounted Truck Weighbridges

Surface-mounted truck weighbridges do not require excavation but sit on top of the ground. Trucks use ramps to access the platform.

Surface-mounted truck weighbridges are less permanent than pit-mounted ones. This makes them an attractive option for businesses that need them for temporary use or plan to move the weighbridge in the future.

Another advantage of surface-mounted truck weighbridges is that they are cheaper to install. That is because the site requires less preparation. A disadvantage is that, for trucks to maneuver onto the elevated platform, they need more surrounding space.

Modular Truck Weighbridges

Modular truck weighbridges comprise two or more scales that you can use separately or combine to weigh larger vehicles. Businesses that weigh lots of different-sized vehicles may consider this option.

These systems also allow you to weigh different vehicles simultaneously. This means you can calculate the total weight for multiple trucks in a single shipment.

Another advantage of modular truck weighbridges is that they allow you to add scales later on without redoing the entire system. For instance, if your business needs to start weighing longer vehicles, modular scales allow this modification without much hassle.

There are other features you can select with these weighbridges. For instance, some systems permit drivers to operate scales from inside the cab of the truck. This can be a valuable component for businesses the see a lot of traffic since it allows them to cut labor costs of weighbridge operators.

Foundationless Weighbridges

Mobile truck weighbridges comprise a frame and two weighing scales. Vehicles drive onto them using portable ramps. These are a popular option for businesses that often need weighing capacity at different sites.

Foundationless truck weighbridges are much less expensive than the other options on this list. They also require minimal installation. They only need a smooth, sturdy surface to sit on.

The big limitation to mobile truck weighbridges is that they can only accommodate smaller vehicles. Also, while they can be quite durable, a permanent weighbridge may be a better long-term option for businesses that see heavy use.

Find the Right Weighbridge for Your Business

Now that you have an idea of the different options when purchasing a truck weighbridge, you can decide which one is right for your business needs. Consider a product that will offer precision and durability for the years to come.

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